Share your stories!

Do you have a great story to share about raising your little global citizens, or advice for parents who want to experience more with their kids? We’d love to hear it.

We are currently looking for stories by parents who believe in connecting and deepening their relationship with their children through adventure.   Stories about how you are raising your kids to embrace different cultures, ideas, ways of life and understand the world around them – climate, environment, social justice and the strength of the human spirit.

We are location centric, and stories from the Asia-pacific region are our main focus.

Ideally your story will be between 600-3000 words.  Include at least one and up to 6 images that illustrate your story, and that you have permission to use.  If you’re not sure about whether a story is right for Adventure Parenting Asia Pacific feel free to email us with your idea first.

We believe in payment for writers and we are committed to all published contributions being paid. We are a small startup magazine that hopes to grow, and early contributors who would like to write for us regularly can expect to be rewarded with an increasing pay rate as we expand.

Please email your stories to the Editor for consideration: